MAY, 2023

BK (Brunswick Kew) lost the Div 4 Pennant final on May 17 to Elwood. Congratulations Elwood! Score was 2 games (34 hoops) to 1 game (19 hoops). Our member, David Pryor won his singles 11-3 but was beaten 3-13 in the doubles. BK (Brunswick Kew) had won 7 of their 8 matches in Division 4 of Association Croquet Pennant. The May 3 game was interesting, with two games being decided by a "golden hoop" (ie scores were equal when the time expired). David Pryor was our Kew player on the BK team.


MAY 2023

Shield results are reported below as they come in. The following report reveals how pleased players were with their return to form. for Pennant Level 1 ... "Yesterday (May 15) in glorious sunshine, Kew won its first match for the season. This was actually the last match for the season and the win made sure that the wooden spoon was not ours. Up till yesterday we had lost all our matches, 3 games to 2 but yesterday was a resounding win, 5 zip against the visiting team from Sandringham. The players who made up the team through the season were Helen Gammon, Paul Andrews and John Oudyn. Yesterday Helen and John played." Round 6 of the Level Play Metro Golf Croquet Shield was played on May 1 > between Kew and Lilydale. Results were close with Lilydale winning the > match with three games 27 hoops to Kew’s two games 30 hoops. Helen > Gammon and John Oudyn played for Kew. In the Handicap round on May 11, Sandringham White players were match winners against our Kew players with four games to two and 37 hoops to 27. We now look forward to the Spring Shield matches as our players continue to improve.


APRIL, 2023

LEVEL 1 SHIELD TEAM | Our Div 1 Level Play team of Helen Gammon and John Oudyn played Monash on April 17 but unfortunately lost 2 games/29 hoops to Monash 3 games/30 hoops. LEVEL 2 SHIELD TEAM | Level 2 team consists of 2 or 3 players. To date Ron Dretzke, Chris Fraser, David Hill, Paul Roast, George Raitt and Marlene Thornton have played. Last Monday George Raitt, Ron Dretzke and Marlene Thornton played were just defeated by Lilydale who are currently top of the Division 2 ladder. The team is currently 5th on the ladder having won 1 match in the 6 team competition. We have had a number of close matches losing by 1, 2 or 4 hoops.


25-26, MARCH 2023

Congratulations to Kew Blue who won the Victorian State Gateball Championship. Runners up were Strathfield from NSW. The team, captained by Philip Brown included Ingrid Winship, Iain Gordon, Dale Howat and David Pryor from KCC and Bruce McAlister. It was fantastic to see so many new players at their first tournament. Congratulations also to Elaine Coverdale (KCC Associate) and Cheryl O'Dwyer (Warrnambool) who won the Victorian State Gateball Doubles event at Kew Croquet Club. Our KCC members, Maxine and Alec Maclachlan were the runners up.


19 MARCH, 2023

The coveted Bear Cup is an annual fun tournament between the EMCA clubs: Kew, Ivanhoe, Lilydale, MCC, Monash, and Ringwood. The clubs play for a magnificent little stuffed bear in a silver cup. This year's event was held at Lilydale and was won convincingly by a crew of four from Kew Croquet Club - Kerry Cannard, Jill Johnstone, Clare Newton and David Pryor. Games included 'Tennis Croquet', 'Ten Pin Croquet' 'In-off Croquet' and 'Lawn Croquet Bowls'