We are an unusually diverse Club with four different mallet codes to choose from. With eleven sessions on offer most weeks, we encourage you to try them all. 

Kew Croquet

Unique to our Club, the social game of Kew Croquet is quick to learn and fun to play. Two pairs play four balls on a half court with six hoops.

Association Croquet

Association Croquet is the traditional, tactical croquet sport which is somewhat like billiards on grass. Get to know your roquets from your croquets!

Golf Croquet

Golf Croquet is a popular code which requires accuracy and strategy — like snooker on grass. Position your ball, run a hoop or hit your opponent away.


Gateball is a highly strategic Japanese game somewhat akin to chess on grass but played in teams with ten balls and three hoops. Think quickly as you have just 10 seconds to hit your ball.